Choosing the Best Key Management Solution for Your Business Environment

Secure management of cryptographic keys is a must for almost all companies operating their information security infrastructure. But when making an important decision regarding protecting highly sensitive company information, understanding that key management solution best suits your business can be a little confusing. As there are many IC cores solutions available in the market today, it is not only time-consuming and expensive to select the right one for your company but also a daunting task to say the least. Here's a quick insight into the different key management systems available.

The first and foremost is the relational databases, which store the cryptographic keys and their associated data security. The database should be well-sealed so that unauthorized access to the information stored is prevented. It should be highly functional with an application that is well designed and executed. In most cases, this system is built-in as the entire business logic is contained in the server. The primary benefits of this key management solutions are security, compliance, cost efficiency and auditability. But to gain maximum benefits, you need to carefully evaluate your business requirements before selecting any particular software.

The next key management solution is the block-level symmetric encryption key management. This type of software stores keys on a physical medium such as drives or external memory sticks. These key cores are not copyable and hence can be lost or misplaced. This is often used for highly sensitive data such as financial records, customer databases, and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Encryption is done using either encryption keys or passwords. It is easy to lose these keys as they are not capable and so their destruction is more economical.

Another highly preferred key management solution is the cloud-based management where applications use a data encryption platform that manages the entire network. The best practices of this cloud-based software are security, performance and scalability. However, if you use the service for business-critical data only, you may not have the best practices of management. You may face the risk of losing your most important business information. Hence, it is important to choose a solution based on best practices. This post will help you understand the topic even better.

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